Monday, 15 January 2018

Multi-purpose flying skiffs

I got this kit from MadMechaGuy long time ago, but I had never got to the assembling phase (which generally is step 1 of all this!). Well, about time! It's a flying skiff that immediately remembered me those from Jabba in the Return of the Jedi movie. I loved it that much that I even got two of them! Well, let's see what am I talking about...

Not seeing it? Don't worry, tends to happen
When you turn it upside down it looks better
Weeeeell, this is the rough main shape. Job done
It's really intuitive to assembly (I didn't have any instructions, but the final pics from the web were enough) and the basic design is cool, but oh, you can certainly expect this is not the lousy end of this post. As I got two of them, I pretended to do two totally different skiffs.

The first one would be a recreation barge, more in the Jabba style, but WH40K oriented. So it would need some extra work to set an awning and stuff:

Now we're getting closer
The finished product would look like this:

Red flying luxury barge
The awning itself is but a piece of cloth, the rest are some random 40K bits or so. Some close-ups:

Ahhh, the grandeur
I should add armchairs there, or a table with a bottle of wine
Comfy for your wild parties off town
But I said I got two... I took a totally opposite approach for the other one. It's an industrial cargo barge:

The simplest configuration possible
Fodinae Corporatio or 'Mining Guild' in proper WH40K Gothic
It certainly covers all your needings. Buy one now!
The kit is pretty simple to assemble and, though the basic shape may look kind of raw in the beginning, it's full of possibilities. Had I devoted some more time to them, I could have added more details, but I'm happy with the results as this is just the work of this weekend, so the efficiency rate is fine for my standards :)

Already working on more stuff... ;)

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Riot Control Armoured Sentinel

Riot Control Armoured Sentinel. RCAS. Agh, that sucks. I really have to find a better name for this. But oh, I'm digressing and I haven't even begun to speak. Anyway, from what I've said, you may have a hint; I'm assembling a Sentinel for the Adeptus Arbites. The idea came to mind long time ago, but had never developed it until now.

The idea of having light armoured elements looked appealing, and I do love the Sentinel model. So everything was meant to happen this way! The work on the model is quite simple. I had to perform some unexpected greenstuff work as the sprue had some casting fails, but it was pretty simple to solve. I used the flamethrower configuration, but replaced it for a heavy webber (slight conversion), as it is of course the only logical choice I can imagine for a law enforcement riot control walker.

The police lights are from a cheap toy I ravaged/salvaged/ahem

Just in case you are new to WH40K, webber weapons fire chemical fibers that entangle the objective and immobilises it. It may be the most civilised weapon in all the Warhammer arsenal (of course if you don't take into account that the harder the victims struggles, the harder the fibers shrink until the objective is utterly crushed). Well, let's keep the 'it fires sticky glue to immobilise rioters' approach.

When you paint it in Arbites black, this is what you get:

You don't want to mess with the Arbites
Batman asked for a similar one, also in black. But he didn't get one
Much better than the lousy ED-209
The paintjob is consistent with the rest of my Adeptus Arbites stuff. Straight black, yellow stripes and the Arbites seal on the front. This will certainly be a hard challenge for the rioters in the scenario I hoped to play in 2017 and which now I hope to play in 2018.

It will come. It will eventually come...