Monday, 18 September 2017

Not so happy citizens (Pt. 1)

Here it is, the project I was talking about last week. Where to start...

I have a plan.

I have plans for running a Rogue Trader game in which a group of Arbites will try to contain an angry mob of citizens gone wild. They will try to overrun the Arbites and kidnap/kill/whatever the Governor, ransack the local market and show random general civil unrest. I have some ideas in mind for the rules and so.

But I needed an angry mob of citizens! Right, I have quite an extensive collection of civilians by now, but I wanted some specific protesters, not only bold adventurers. Numbers is what matters in this case, so I needed an unexpensive solution for hoarding a respectable amount of minis. My salvation came under the form of the Wargames Factory zombie survivors. The price/quality/(quantity) rate was just too good to let it go. So using that and some other bits I had (WHFB, 40K Skitarii...) I got all the greenstuff I had and begun to do silly things. Here you have them, in no particular order:

That's a Skitarius head upside down
Yep, GW heads are huge for models of acual humans
What's a boy without charming toys?
One of the very few minis with a firearm. Irrelevant however, this is going to be 40K...
Almost no GS needed, it gives all I need
Fancy hats are totally in this season
So are hispter hairdos
Is that a wrist walkman?
An angry servitor. His lobotomy didn't work and he recalls his former life. When he had arms and stuff
Pig Iron head on a Warhammer Fantasy body. Never can go wrong with this
Nothing is more Rogue Trader than that coat
I might paint that scarf Hufflepuff
Thats quite a sign. No clue of what will I write...
Angry metro ticket collector
I should have unpainted it but... welll, laziness, you get the concept
Opera singer or he reall wants you to look at his empty hand
Leaflets, propaganda, pamphlets
Whenever you see oversized stuff of any kind on a head, it's just a helmeted head from Bolt action
You revolt while I have my tea, I have a terrible cold
This one could take part in any current protest all over the world
Big head, big hands, big axe
More RT. Just because
Maybe the most incongruous of all these :D
Some kind of Merchant of 40K Venice
That's a Mortal Kombat pose
Yeah, OK, I like Moebius, what can I say
Maybe too much Moebius
Not sure if that's a helmet or his actual head
Speaking of heads...
Angry taxi driver marching against those Uber guys
These arms come from the WotC minis I used like a year ago (or more). Diogenes you say?
Angry Daft Punk Jedi bloke. Yes. Just because I can
You can see this group is highly incoherent eclectic. Inspiration has come from many places, from the City of Jedha from Rogue One (really nice designs for civvies there!) to actual pics from riots from here and there.
From quite a long time I considered purchasing the wonderful rioters by Offensive Miniatures, but in the end I took the cheap solution. The only thing that bothers me (well, 'bother', I'm talking about plastic toys) is the lack of females in the box. A mixed box (a male sprue and a female sprue) would have been just perfect. Anyway, though unexpensive, I think I'm not buying the ladies' box, my revolt will have to work with these. I have way more than enough for my scenario.

No clue of when will I be able to paint them, but it looks like the Arbites are going to have a rough day...

Friday, 15 September 2017

Separated at birth

A second tough, badass warrior woman in a row!

You may remember the female Barbarian I painted for my HeroQuest (or you may not, hence this link). The thing is that I loved the pose of the mini so much that I got two copies, with a specific idea in mind: I was doing an adventurer for RT settings.

I didn't have a clear idea of what was I specifically aiming for, so I let it flow and begun to add stuff from the bits box. This is the result:

-Hey sis. -Hey sis.

Let's have some close-ups. As you can see the general attitude remains (well, that was what called my eye in the first place).

Nothing screams 40K as a ridiculosly bulky bionic eye
Main change was cutting the shield away. I sculpted a crude wristband and added an autogun (from a Necromunda weapons sprue?).

Shoulder pads with skulls is also a hint that this is 40K
I also replaced the axe with a combat knife, which looked much more in place:

Oh, and a greenstuff wire thing. That eye really needs power supply
Finally a Death Korps of Krieg backpack and this is pretty much it, we have a low-tech barbarian ready to live some adventures in the grimdark millenium blah blah

Smart casual dress code
The face sculpt looked good enough to me to try dark skin. I mean, it didn't tell me that clearly 'caucasian'. Lips and nose weren't ultra thin, half of the face was covered by the bionic eye and I think the experiment worked good enough. I also read the clothes differently from the original, and used the full longcoat idea, which also works fine. You may see some attempt of embroidery pattern so it didn't look too flat. Red and yellow were almost default colours to roguetraderise the mini, but now I miss some checkers :P

It's a very simple conversion, not much greenstuff was used on her, it's been more a matter of kitbashing. Thing is I'm using quite a bit of greenstuff these days as I'm working an a wider project (unrelated to this lady). I hope I'll be able to show something next week.
See you then!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Olivia from BOYL

Yeah, I know, I was the man who even wasn't there. I didn't attend this year's BOYL yet I got this commemorative mini. What can I say, I didn't thought I was that resourceful!

Ahem. Sheer luck and good will. One of the attendants (whose true identity will be kept in secret as he/she/it has stepped into the witness protection programme) was so kind to get one for me (Thanks again!). No threats were done, or at least not too serious ones. That horse head incident was just an innocent joke.

(Ahem again) Speaking of beheaded stuff! The thing is that I am the lucky and proud owner of Olivia the girl with a head in her hand! I was so excited that I interrupted everything I had on the workbench and put my brushes on her...

No, I don't think BOYLivia works for her
Olivia Giraffepants is neither suitable
For all of you who don't know where the mini comes from, its origins go back to 1987 and this illustration in the Rogue Trader rulebook:

I've seen a couple of painted Olivias so far, and two really fine masterworks; one by Master Axiom and the other by Monsieur Asslessman. You better check their magnificent paintjobs! If I've missed any other one please let me know! I love to see how different people interpret the same mini from a B/W illustration, this is a perfect example of that.

I've begun another project, but that will be the subject of a future post, when I have some actual stuff to show. Soon, soon...

Friday, 8 September 2017

Ballads of War 2x16-2x17

Now, that is an entrance:

Very little dialogue today, mostly visual stuff. The sentence Chaplain Asmodai (for it is him!) shouts is of course nothing but a reference to the Dawn of War videogames (you could hear that Spesh Mareens, advance! every couple of minutes. So it had to be here, just for the sake of it.

The first panel on the second page, on the other hand, is but a battle report from the pages of White Dwarf! :D
So, after the homage stuff, I'm afraid I have little to comment today. The rest is just war, i.e., killing people and breaking things :D

But... where did the Dark Angels come from? What are they doing here? Well, if you remember, we have Cypher inside the mausoleum, capturing him would be the definite jackpot for them. If you're not into Warhammer 40,000, don't worry and let yourself be surprised. As I have stated previously, you don't need to know anything prior to reading this, everything told here will be explained in the story (well, you know, would have got to be eventually fully explained had I finished the comic. Ahem).

Things keep on tangling, will we have any explanation? Ahh, you'll have to keep on reading to know!
For now, the previous pages (HERE) will have to do...

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Return to Colony 87

Man, it's been more than two years since my first Colony 87 post. Ouch. Well, at least I've painted the second batch before the expected third kickstarter is anounced. That has to count!

Once again, charming minis, beautifully designed and sculpted, a real pleasure. I'm in love wit these ranges. OK, let's go for it. First of all, mechanic Asa Stent:

I'm seriously needing ships for her to repair!
 A terrifying thing I've just noticed is that, though I consciously avoided looking for previously painted minis so I wasn't conditioned by them, I've painted junker Korl Feldspar just exactly as Asslessman painted the official model :O

You kidding me?
I don't know, orange is what I use for the workers jumpsuits, the rest was just what I thought the mini was asking for. Cool bananas.

Ahem. Let's keep on. I'm happy to confirm that Chamber Secretary Felix Saponya is painted differently:

You have to be very bold to wear that hat
I took a very different way for High Priestess Cardinia of the Benevolent Motherhood, as I went more Axiom-ish and thought it was time for me to have an Astropath:

Green means Astropath. It is law.
For Recordist Junger I tried some kind of evident uniform style:

A-ha. Look the joy in my face
Finally, Botanist Hereward Osman has a different base. I thought he was needing more green, the dull grey base didn't suit him.

Yeah, I lost my left hand being a botanist. You don't know how agrresive certain plants can get
What can I say, I love them all. Each one is full of personality and cover different kinds of characters, so they are just perfect for my urban board. The city keeps on growing!

I don't know when will the third KS campaign see the light, but I'm already in!!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Mansions of madness (1st ed)

New endeavour today! I got this game quite a long ago and (to my shame) I've been playing it unpainted. Enough of that!

I haven't tried the new 2nd edition, but this one is absolutely recommendable. Quite replayable, it gives a lot of uncanny fun. Well, fun; you know. I mean creepy, terrifying experience that will drive you crazy and... ehm. Fun, as I was saying.

But I'm not talking about the game today; I've finally painted the minis! Hurrah! So here youhave them. First, the investigators:

Kate Winthop & Michael McGlen

Gloria Goldberg & 'Ashcan' Pete

Jenny Barnes & Harvey Walters

Joe Diamond and Sister Mary
But the monsters are the real deal here. Doing the bases was somehow tricky, buy I finally managed to find an acceptable solution.

So here you have the cultist and the cult leaders:

Generic Yog Sothoth standard cult
The maniacs:

Here's Johnny!
The witches:
The clothes sculpts were difficult for me to understand. I opted for some kind of Manila shawl, which looked exotic and mysterious, I thought it suited them
The zombies:
No budget for trousers, sorry
The Shoggoths:
The Cthonians:
They can't stand water; kind of glorified Gremlins
The Mi-Go:
Hola a-mi-go!
Finally, the Hounds of Tindalos:

Certainly not the Baskerville ones, dear Watson.
The quality of the minis is boardgame standard, which is not bad at all. The investigators are roughly 20 mm scale and the creatures maybe a little bit larger. They all fit in the game box (something I was concerned about once I got all the monsters on their bases), so I'm happy with the whole lot. Now I need to finally have a game with them painted!